What to Expect

At Burning River Foods Co., we know the process can be challenging, but that's why you've come to a trusted name in the business. We help you navigate the co-packing process from recipe development, regulatory issues, packaging print process . . . every step of the way.

  • Checklist

    • Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement
    • Submit Formula
    • Review Ingredients and Processes
    • Select Packaging
    • Receive Price Quote
  • Checklist

    • Submit Sample of product(s)
    • Schedule Research and Development
    • Revise Samples, If Necessary
  • Checklist

    • Order Nutritional Panel, Ingredient Statement, Allergen Declaration
    • Coordinate Schedule Processes (if necessary)
    • Order Bar Code 
    • Label and Packaging Design
    • Submit Label for Government Approval
    • Print Labels
    • First Production Run