The Neighborhood Eatery Guide to Using Bone Broth & Stock

The Neighborhood Eatery Guide to Using Bone Broth & Stock


Since you’re in the restaurant industry, I’m sure you’ve noticed that bone broth is on fire right now. It has become more than a trend and is working its way onto menus nationwide. You may still be on the fence because you’re just not excited about having a single tasking ingredient taking up space in your freezer. Well, I’m here to let you know that there are many ways that you can use bone broth and bone stock in your kitchen to wring every bit of value from your investment.

A Great Flavor Enhancer

Adding fat to dishes has been the go-to move for restaurants when attempting to add flavor to their dishes. Unfortunately, all of that fat has unintended side effects and many of your customers are becoming more health conscience. There is a proliferation of specialized diets that are requiring people be more aware of their fat intake, but that doesn’t mean that they have to give up the flavor. Adding bone broth or stock to your recipes will bring a no-salt added flavor bomb to any dish. It can be used in several places, in place of water or as an addition to other liquid food preparations. Erie Bone Broth has Beef and Chicken broths and stocks available, so you’re able to decide whether you’re interested in adding a lighter or more meaty flavor to your dishes.

Sauces, Stews and Soups

Sounds obvious, but sauces, soups and stews are a great way to use bone broth and stock in your restaurant kitchen. Don’t water down all that lovely flavor you’re cultivating. Use a chicken or bone stock and add more flavor with no-salt added. The collagen in bone broth also acts as a great non-dairy thickener for your sauces. Using bone broth or stock will also allow you to add more keto-friendly options to your menu as you can cut out some of the starch-laden ingredients that you’re currently using to add flavor and thickening.

A Beverage Substitute

Oh, you didn’t know that people drink bone broth...straight up? Well, now you know! Using Erie Bone Broth in your kitchen will also allow you to add a specialty item to your menu. Millions of people have added bone broth to their daily diets and adding it to your menu will give them an option to get their fix in at your restaurant. It’s a great alternative to coffee, tea and soft drinks. Many of your customers are on a quest for better nutrition and sweetened beverages are their downfall. Coffees and teas are loaded with sugar, sometimes containing as much as you'd find in soda. In its purest form, this healthy elixir can serve as a nutrition-forward way for your customers to have that warm cup of something delicious in the morning or as a midday boost when they would typically reach for a can of something fizzy and sugary.

Your bottom line and freezer space are prized possession at your restaurant. Incorporate bone broth into your daily kitchen routine can provide you with lots of versatility for years to come.

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